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7 Muscle-building Strategies For Guys

And look at how fast your daughter is growing up. It's as if you're watching her in time-lapse photography while your college-aged son is still Shin Ohtake stuck in high... Read the Admit It, Men: Youre Stressed article > > Spero Karas, MD, assistant professor of orthopaedics in the division of sports medicine at Emory University, says that testosterone, the male hormone responsible for muscle growth, maxes out Max Workouts between the ages of 16 fitness and 18. It reaches a plateau during the 20s and then begins to decline. As a result, muscle building after the adolescent years can be challenging, he says. Fortunately, a little strength training goes a long way -- particularly in the early days.
More http://men.webmd.com/features/7-muscle-building-strategies-for-guys

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