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Sheffield Teams Up With Premier League To Boost Sport

As with other community projects, United and Wednesday co-operate across the city with the Blades (United) working mainly in the south and the Owls (Wednesday) great post to read in the north to provide sporting opportunities to the local community. Premier League 4 Sport uses the unique appeal of professional football clubs like Wednesday and United to engage youngsters from some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country. Combined with the experience and expertise of Sport England and its member associations, the programme intends to retain and sustain an interest in competitive sport while delivering 2,500 sports qualifications to coaches. The programme was launched at Hillsborough College and Hillsborough Stadium in December and Matthew Bray, Social Inclusion Manager at Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme, said it offers an excellent opportunity for youngsters to get involved in http://glamandfashionnews.com/2027-max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth-review-of-max-workouts-program_gfn.html activities in the see here city. This is a quality project, Bray told premierleague.com. Its not just a case of setting up another session. There are competition opportunities for the kids.
More: http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2013-14/jan/sheffield-launch-premier-league-4-sport.html

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