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Atlas Wearables Takes On Jawbone And Nike With A Smarter Exercise Tracker

More than a few of these peculiar gadgets are meant to make sure youre getting enough exercise, but a new fitness tracking hardware startup thinks theyve got an edge on all the wearable incumbents that have popped up these past few years. You see, rather than just counting your steps for the day, the Atlas blog which is being shown off for the first time onstage at our Hardware Battlefield is capable http://www.zimbio.com/General/articles/O_IyqD_oECG/How+To+Build+Muscle of determining exactly what exercises youre doing to give you a better sense of both your fitness level and your form. Well almost exactly. Creators Peter Li and Mike Kasparian claim that once the Atlas is lashed to your wrists, it continuously keeps track of its movement in space thanks to a built-in accelerometer. While all that is going on, a finely tuned algorithm chews on all of that spatial data to try and figure out what exactly youre doing at any given moment. After all, the motion signature of bounding up and down while youre running should look decidedly different from if youre knocking out push-upsor standing still(ish) for weighted squats. Meanwhile, the Atlas backside sports an optical pulse sensor to determine just how hard youre actually working out, which when combined with all that other data should yield one of the more thoughtful quantified fitness experiences.
Full story http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/07/atlas-wearables-takes-on-jawbone-and-nike-with-a-smarter-exercise-tracker/

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